Female employees exceeded men in group companies

Continuing to strengthen its strength under the leadership of Mustafa Yigit Zeren and having 4 different companies under its roof, Zeren Group Holding announced that 60 percent of its employees are women.

Zeren Group Holding, which has companies operating in the fields of financial consultancy, consultancy, construction, real estate investment, media, outdoor advertising, automotive and informatics, whose foundations were laid in Nigde in 1973, emphasized that the number of female employees exceeds men.

Turkey Statistical Institute (TSI), senior and middle managers working women was 14.4 percent in 2012 to 17.3 percent rate in the output position in the company in 2017, according to data from the household labor force survey results. In companies, the number of women employees in every field is increasing. In some companies, the number of female employees exceeds men. One of those group companies was Zeren Group Holding, of which 60 percent of its over 200 employees are women.

Our Women Have Great Effort in the Growth of Our Holding

Stating that they always prioritize equality of opportunity and the needs of female employees, Mustafa Yigit Zeren, Cheif Executive Officer in Zeren Group Holding; “We exist in many sectors in national and international arena. Currently 60 percent of our colleagues are women. This rate also sets an example for other institutions in our country. Because we are really at the top of the list in women's employment. There are currently 4 companies under the roof of our holding. Our female employees have a great contribution in every job that takes place in all our affiliate companies. Another issue is to create the full equality of leave and opportunity for the female members of our team. The most important issue in our business values is the development and happiness of our human resources. That's why there has never been any discrimination in our team. We attribute the steady growth of our holding to innovative human resources with our women's employment and egalitarian policies ”.

We Support Women Employment

Emphasizing that one of the only ways to reach the level of contemporary civilizations as a country is to avoid discrimination in any field, Mustafa Yigit Zeren; “It is also in this business area. The point that develops societies is the full employment of women. As a society, men have already taken the responsibility of working and earning money. For women, this responsibility is mostly kept in the dilemma of home and child. We need to change that. Women, too, should do the professions they want and stand on their own feet. It is our duty as a society to create the most suitable conditions for this. As Zeren Group, we will support women's employment in every field we operate in and we will continue to be an example in this regard.” He spoke in the form.

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