Mustafa Yigit Zeren, was born on October 22, 1991 in Mersin. He graduated from Private Turkmen College and Mersin Science High School. Zeren has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management from Sabanci University in Istanbul and a master’s degree in Economics from the London School of Economics which is ranked 26th among the best universities in the world.

After attending several internship programs and working with several companies in England, Mustafa Yigit Zeren returned to Turkey in 2015, to convey his knowledge, experience and realize his dreams to Zeren MM which was founded in 1973 by his father Ridvan Zeren.

Mustafa Yigit Zeren, who has an ACCA Qualification, currently works in Zeren MM UK. He continues to serve as Executive Partner in Zeren MM.After returning home, he has been working as the Chief Finance Manager at Zeren Group until 2018 and as the Chief Executive Officer since 2018.

Zeren Group carries out projects in many countries under the leadership of Mustafa Yigit Zeren. These projects are coordinated from the Company’s offices in major financial centers of the world, particularly in Turkey, UK and Montenegro.

Zeren, has accomplished many successful projects in the country and internationally on behalf of Zeren Group Holding. In 2019, Mustafa Yigit Zeren was given the “CEO of the Year” award by Turkey Brand Awards due to his sucess on different busniess sectors.

Mustafa Yigit Zeren attaches great importance to the development of international relations; He actively takes part in many local and foreign high-level institutions and non-governmental organizations, especially TÜSİAD, DEİK and TABA Am-Cham.

Zeren has a good command of English and Spanish and intermediate level of Russian. He is also into sports and a holds a certified tennis professional.

Mustafa Yigit Zeren, believes in the importance of self-improvement.